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Jamie Gray — Facebook

Legacy Dental is AMAZING!! I never knew a dental place like this existed!! Dr. Penfield & his staff are wonderful, talented people. I can finally smile again because of them. 
Josh Boguslofski — Facebook

My wife was a terrible fear of dentists due to past treatments she has received. Legacy Dental Arts has helped her overcome her fear in so many great ways.
Bill N Abbe Sikes — Facebook

Wish I would have found this place years ago! Dr. Penfield and his staff are THE BEST!! To go to the dentist & not be a bundle of nerves... finally not unheard of! Thanks Legacy Dental!!!
Anna Rogers Campione — Facebook

After living all over the country, I never would have imagined finding the best dental care we have ever experienced in Eagle River, AK. What a pleasant surprise! Thank you Dr. Penfield and staff!!!
Rebecca Wescott Campione — Facebook

Has and always will be my favorite dentist. Even though I moved out to anchorage I still drive out to see Dr. Penfield. His work is beautiful and his whole staff is amazing.
Mike Spooner — Facebook

Doc James and Doc Ross are second to none!!! And their staff are utterly AWESOMESAUCE!
LaveLii Matthews — Facebook

I'm very satisfied on the service i've received so far! Very friendly people! Dr. Penfield is amazing!
Jennifer Williamson — Facebook

What an awesome place to have worked. Love everyone there and miss them!!!!
Anthony Bradford, Google Plus

I would recommend Legacy to anyone who is looking for the very best in dental care. The staff are friendly and very professional. I only wish that I would have gone there years ago. I have gone to several other dental clinics and NONE could match the top notch treatment or the relaxed atmosphere that I get when I visit Dr. Penfield and his staff, I actually feel like I am visiting friends when I am at my appointments. They do great work and are as accommodating as I have ever experienced. I just can't imagine going anywhere else. Anthony Bradford

Susan Bradford —Facebook

This place and their entire team is awesome!! I have seen my share of dentists but have never been treated so darn well. Had an emergency, knocked out my front tooth at work and could not see any clients so I showed up at their front door asking for help. The repairs will take a while, required surgery that day but I went home able to return to work. WOW what a super cool staff, above and beyond the call of duty!!! Thank you Dr. Penfield, Amanda, Kelly and the entire staff!!! YOU ROCK!!!
Renee Scott — 5 star Love this office! The staff and Dr. Penfield make going to the dentist a pleasure.
Mark Stephens — Facebook

The Best!
James Hales - a year ago

After reflecting on the last three years I have been a patient at Legacy Dental Arts. I decided to take a little time and recognize the absolutely second to none service and care I have received from Dr. Penfield and his staff. Every single detail of the practice has been carefully considered and expertly managed. From the front office staff always willing to go the extra mile, to the helpful and friendly hygienists and assistants. Then there is Dr. Penfield. I cant say enough about how outstanding he has been as a healthcare provider. He has done his job skillfully and gently. With an excellent knack for both human interaction and the precision with which he works. I can comfortably say: There is probably zero chance of finding a better dentist in this state, or any state for that matter. With all that aside... Dr. Penfield obviously cares a lot about his patients and their overall health and satisfaction. He attends many continuing education seminars at his own expense and then he actually puts them to use at work. One example would be a seminar he attended on Sleep Disorders. At my appointment Dr. Penfield noticed that I had some anatomy that might be contributing to my difficulty sleeping at night and referred me to have a Sleep Study. It turns out that I had Severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea. After treatment that I received thanks to Dr. Penfield's watchful eyes. I have added countless years to my life expectancy, not to mention the obvious value of a consistent nights sleep. So, with every bit of sincerity. Thank all of you for doing your jobs with outstanding professionalism!

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