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At Legacy Dental Arts in Eagle River, AK, we make a conscious effort to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to the treatment of our patients. Whether you need sedation dentistry, cancer screening, emergency treatment or any other advanced procedure, our professional dental team has the skills and the expertise to ensure a comfortable and relaxed experience. These are just a few of the devices we use in our office to ensure your comfort. 

Implants Therapy

Implant therapy services in Eagle River, AK
If you have only one missing tooth, a dental crown on a dental implant is probably your best choice.
Like the natural root, a dental implant provides the foundation for a dental crown, in this case a new all-ceramic dental crown. A Nobel Biocare all-ceramic dental crown on a dental implant looks and functions very much like the missing tooth did. Nobel Biocare has a forty-year history of success stories using dental implants and dental crowns, and leads the dental implant market. Talk to Dr. Penfiled today to see if Noble Biocare Implants would be a good solution for you.

3D Digital Imaging Equipment

3D digital imaging in Eagle River, AK
3D x-rays yield a wealth of information that is used to precisely plan for treatment before any procedures begin. Your anatomy, seen in three dimensions, can be enlarged, rotated, and divided in any direction, thus revealing potential problem areas during the treatment planning process. Better planning leads to more predictable treatment results in procedures such as implant placement, oral surgery, orthodontics, Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) analysis, facial pain therapy and more. 

Soft Tissue Laser

Our soft tissue lasers are used to safely remove excess gum tissue. This allows Dr. Penfield to treat gum disease and perform minor surgery. The soft tissue laser can also be employed to destroy bacteria in gum pockets, preventing infection and allowing the tissue to return to a healthy state. The soft tissue laser enables us to treat our patients with extreme accuracy and eliminates the need for most stitches. It can also be used to treat cold sores & speed healing.

Digital X-rays

In our office we use digital radiography, which allows us to take X-rays using up to 90% less radiation than conventional film X-rays. Using this technology, we are able to take an X-ray of your mouth by using a small sensor, which records the image of your teeth and sends it to a computer. The result is a highly detailed image of your mouth that can easily be enhanced to better diagnosis dental concerns and determine the very best treatment for each case.

VELscope Cancer Screening Device

VELscope Cancer Screening Device
While the VELscope system helps us discover several types of abnormal tissue in the oral cavity, it is perhaps best known for its ability to assist in the discovery of oral cancer and pre-cancer. 
Use of the VELscope system allows us to see cancerous and precancerous lesions that might not be apparent to the naked eye. In fact, the VELscope system is the first product cleared by the FDA and Health Canada to make that claim.

Overhead Screens

We want you to be as comfortable as possible. One of the ways we achieve this is through our overhead screens. You'll be able to view procedures that may be part of your treatment or just relax and watch a cable program or any new release movie while we work on your smile.

Massaging Chairs

Visit our office and feel like you're at the spa. Our massaging chairs will help you relax while Dr. Penfield performs your treatment. Our chairs are so comfortable you may not want to leave.
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